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International Students Program

As part of its international policy, the Universidad de Chile carries out a set of actions focused on encouraging greater cooperation in the world of higher education. Although there is a Department of International Relations operated by the central administration, the School of Medicine also runs several initiatives that promote, strengthen, and expand international linkages, including the following:

  • Student exchange with various world-class universities and institutions. These are specific agreements annexed to the main framework agreements undersigned by the Universidad de Chile. In concrete terms, it gives students and professors, both local and from abroad, the possibility to boost the development of their intercultural skills.
  • International students are invited to participate in the School of Medicine's Special Program for Auditing or Occasional Students.
  • Recognition/validation of studies and diplomas in the field of healthcare.

In addition to the above, the School of Medicine's Centre of Studies has a special application procedure for high school students from abroad as well as a transfer procedure for students who come from a foreign university and who are interested in a program offered by the Universidad de Chile's School of Medicine.