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Research is one of the Universidad de Chile's main mission areas as it allows the university to better connect to society as a whole. In fact, academic excellence is reflected qualitatively and quantitatively in the scientific investigation carried out by an academic institution, as it reveals its professors' attributes and allows the production and transfer of knowledge for the benefit of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Universidad de Chile's School of Medicine boasts the most important research trajectory in the country. It currently has various lines of research, several laboratories, and an outstanding scientific productivity. The findings, progress, and growth of its scientific activity are employed for the benefit of the country and its new generations.

The result is a critical mass of knowledge that is not just brought in from abroad or learned from books but is obtained from first-hand results. This is why laboratory work is key, where state-of-the-art knowledge is produced and where the School of Medicine is a protagonist and takes an active part in the biomedical future.