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Medical Technology

It was established in 1960. It aims to train autonomous, well-rounded professionals with the highest ethical and humanist standards and also with an innovative, critical and community-oriented approach. These professionals are trained to take part in multidisciplinary health teams and to undertake activities aimed at development, prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation.

The School's professors teach undergraduate and postgraduate students, conduct research and are involved in extension activities in the community. Students who enter this program of study can choose among the following five fields:

  • Clinical Bio-analysis
  • Haematology and Blood Bank
  • Morpho-Physiopathology and Cytodiagnosis
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Radiology and Medical Physics

This is a five-year program that prepares professionals to scientifically and technologically plan, elaborate, implement, and assess procedures, techniques and medical tests aimed at prevention, development, protection and recovery.